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ABC is a non-profit membership organisation promoting best practice and maintaining the standard of black professional coaches worldwide.
Our purpose is to Inspire, Empower and Promote Excellence within the Black Coaching community to make a sustainable impact. 
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The Association of Black Coaches offers a free membership that provides coaches with access to networking opportunities, resources, mentorship, and professional development specifically tailored to support and empower black coaches within the industry. This membership aims to create a supportive community, facilitate career advancement, and address unique challenges faced by black coaches in their professional journeys.

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All Hands In


Supervision coaching within the Association of Black Coaches involves providing specialized guidance, support, and mentorship to other coaches in their professional development. It offers a structured framework where our experienced coaches provide insight, feedback, and advice to help enhance coaching skills, navigate challenges, and foster personal and career growth within the coaching profession, particularly tailored to the unique experiences and needs of coaches.

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Business Conference


Coaching practice consulting within the Association of Black Coaches involves offering expert guidance and strategic advice to assist black coaches in refining their coaching methodologies, building effective coaching frameworks, and optimizing their coaching practices. This service aims to enhance the quality of coaching delivery, elevate coaching standards, and support the development of successful coaching businesses or practices within the unique context and challenges faced by black coaches.

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