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ABC is a non-profit membership organisation promoting best practice and maintaining high standard of black professional coaches worldwide. 

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Mission & Core Values

We invite each Member Coach to adopt our vision, mission, and core values by integrating them into everything they do as a coach.

Mission Statement

ABC exists to lead in the unity of black coaching professionals and empower them to excel in world-class coaching.

Core Values

We are committed to respect, openness, acceptance, and success and consider all parts of the ABC community mutually accountable to uphold the following values:

Integrity: We uphold the highest standards both for the coaching profession and our organization.

Excellence: We set and demonstrate standards of excellence for professional coaching quality, qualification, and competence.

Collaboration: We value the social connection and community building that occurs through collaborative partnership and co-created achievement.

Respect: We are inclusive and value the diversity and richness of our global stakeholders. We put people first, without compromising standards, policies, and quality.

Kitchen Objects

Vision & Key Objectives

Our vision is to empower and uplift the black community by integrating professional coaching as a cornerstone of success and ensuring that every member of ABC  embodies excellence in their field.

Our Key Objectives:

  • To actively develop our members through continuous learning and professional development.

  • To demonstrate accountability and credibility. 

  • To build strategic alliances and relationships with relevant bodies that will contribute to the high standard of coaching worldwide.

  • Promote members’ expertise.

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