It’s yet another ABC Podcast Day - Episode 5 is now available!

We have our cofounder @blackbirdjarvis on this week release and she dropped awesome gems. 

This is for all the Parents!! 

It is easy to become frustrated if your child seems lazy or unmotivated for a long period of time and your urges and encouragement to motivate them can often lead to further frustration.

If your child starts to show signs like worsening grades, a lack of interest in activities, or a tendency toward isolation, your child is probably not lazy.

So, if you start to notice signs that their schoolwork is suffering, a lack of interest in clubs and hobbies, them locking themselves away, your child probably isn’t being lazy.

They could be struggling with other issues that you are not aware of yet. Fortunately, you can create a safe space for your child to overcome any challenges and thrive. 

In this episode, Shirene Torrance-Dodd, founder of Blackbird Jarvis - Parent and Teen Coaching shared 5 possible reasons for your child’s lack of motivation and her tried and tested methods on how to tackle them confidently with sensitivity.

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